Tools to help you and your patients get started with Repatha®

Healthcare professional resources

RepathaREADY® Patient Support Program Enrolment Form

To enrol your Repatha® patients in the RepathaREADY® Patient Support Program, clear and easy-to-follow instructions for form completion and submission to the program are provided.


RepathaREADY® Patient Support Program Annotated Enrolment Form

Digital version of the RepathaREADY® enrolment form with notes to guide completion of the form.


Private insurance special authorization form completion tips

A compilation of suggestions and tips to assist your clinic in completing private insurance special authorization forms for your patients who have been prescribed Repatha®.

2021 Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidemia for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Adults

FOURIER cardiovascular outcome study


Patient resources

RepathaREADY® Patient Support Program Patient Booklet

Information to help patients understand their treatment:

  • Getting started with Repatha®
  • RepathaREADY® Patient Support Program
  • Managing your cholesterol
  • Resources for more information

Repatha® Patient Q&A Tear Pad

Answers to frequently asked questions about taking Repatha®, from how Repatha® works to dosage and administration and common side effects.


Self-injection video card

Help patients check or refresh their self-injection technique after they have been trained on the correct way to prepare and inject Repatha®. This tool provides easy access to the SureClick ® autoinjector or the automated mini-doser self-injection videos.


LDL-C response calculator

Quickly calculate your patient’s low-density lipoprotein cholesterol response based on a potential percentage change from their current value.


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